Strategy of the game of poker

Poker is a card game that has changed its priorities over the centuries, moving from cowboys to aristocrats. But, no matter what, at the moment poker is considered an indispensable attribute of any self-respecting online casino.

However, this entertainment, like any other gambling, is designed for lucky users of online casinos. It is not necessary to hope only for fortune, because the strategy of poker is also popular (and no less effective), among fans of big wins, as in other games presented in gambling houses.

Thus, in order to learn how to play gambling on an ongoing basis, it is not necessary to study the intricacies of playing poker all day and night, while practicing the game art in parallel. To apply one of the best tactics during the game process, it is enough to thoroughly familiarize yourself with its conditions (this is more than enough).

It is important to note that poker schemes are mostly designed to remove the maximum revenue from the game, but do not guarantee 100% winning. But with a competent approach to business, the yield is guaranteed to grow to 99%.

Poker is a game of aristocrats, American cowboys and ordinary users of modern gambling sites. Since the birth of this card game, it’s been many years, and playing poker is still as prestigious and interesting as ever.

Despite the abstruse rules of the game (when compared with slots or roulette), poker tables in our time are no less in demand than the games listed in parentheses. It’s not clear to the end what was the reason, but for many people, poker is more than just a game!

For some, this is “life” at all, because people earn on the game of poker a solid amount of money, even without leaving home.

In modern realities, this is possible. But for this, one can not rely on luck alone, because, alas, not always such a famous fan of regulars online casino pleases them with their presence.

The fact is that for a constant income from playing poker it is important to stick to a certain strategy based on a solid foundation.

However, from the majority of known schemes many are either used specifically for a certain type of poker game, or, unfortunately, do not give tangible results.

But the DOGON strategy, which is also used in the field of bookmaking, demonstrates very good results in poker, while it can be used absolutely in any variation of entertainment, and with application features there will be no problems even for a beginner gambler.

The meaning of the strategy DOGON

It can not be said that this is the best strategy for poker. any of the game schemes used in part can also give “fruits”, but one of the best it can definitely be called. At least for the simple reason that no virtual casino can combat it (all because of the straightforward algorithm of actions). And now we’ll take a closer look at how this strategy works in online poker.

In fact, there are no secrets when playing poker under the DOGON scheme, the main thing is to follow the planned plan without getting out of the way.

It can be noted that the principle of its operation is very similar to the functional of the well-known Martingale system, but there are some differences.

As you know, when playing poker, much depends on luck, and therefore – approximately the chances of success of the player or dealer can be considered equal (with small deviations). This is the basis for the strategy of playing poker DOOG.

That is, it does not matter how you play the game. Your task – to learn from ten parties to win at least 3-4. If you achieve this by practicing daily for a week, then you can start using this scheme.

First you need to determine the initial rate.

The amount should not be too small to make the winnings look more solid, but not exceed 15% of the funds available on the balance sheet.

After this, you can proceed to the immediate process. If the first batch turns out to be losing, then the initial amount (as well as all subsequent rounds, if any) will be doubled to cover the money lost in the previous batch.

A failure again? Again, double the size of the bet, and so on. If you learned how to win an average of 3-4 games out of 10, what was discussed – the win will not keep you waiting. Well, then everything is rolled up.

That is, we can say that this is a 100% winning strategy in poker (if you observe a certain condition – it’s about the same 3-4 victories out of 10).

Features of the application of this scheme

The basic strategy of DOOR poker is applicable in any online casino. In this case, it is better to stop your choice at one of those institutions where there is an opportunity to play for free – on virtual “candy wrappers”.

This is necessary in order to prepare for the application of the scheme, having learned in 30-40% to beat the casino in poker, without risking real money!